August 6, 2024

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The NTOA announces a daylong virtual workshop specifically tailored for crisis negotiators. This exclusive event will feature experienced presenters providing a mix of case studies and other presentations to further enhance crisis negotiations teams in an easily accessible virtual format. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to improve your knowledge and expertise in crisis negotiations.

This workshop is designed to be interactive between the presenters and participants. Each student must register and have their own computer to log in.

There are limited seats available, so register today and take your skills to the next level!

Note: Due to overwhelming demand, we are offering a repeat of the sold-out August 2, 2023 workshop agenda, providing a chance for those who missed out to participate.

1000 – 1200 EDT

Suicide-by-Cop Incidents

Presented by Gary Robertson, Sergeant – Saint Louis County (MO) Police Department

Suicide-by-cop incidents can happen quickly on any call for service. This presentation aims to learn more about these critical situations by understanding the overall history and classifications of individuals who force suicide-by-cop scenarios. We will discuss the importance of listening and looking for key indicators that a suspect or subject may be displaying seconds before forcing police into a lethal force situation. Recognizing these indicators allows officers to create time, distance and cover, ultimately protecting the officers and the subjects involved. Finally, we will discuss officer wellness for those involved in these critical incidents.

This presentation will address the following:

  • Characteristics of an individual at risk
  • Research findings and statistics
  • De-escalation strategies for individuals at risk
  • Self-care for law enforcement personnel who have been involved in a suicide-by-police encounter

1200 – 1400 EDT

Case Study: Criminal Barricade (Suicide-by-Cop Ideology)

Presented by Patrick Doering, Commander – Saint Charles County (MO) Regional CNT

This case study involves an incident in which the suspect stabbed his mother in the neck and engaged officers, resulting in an officer-involved shooting and a barricade. The debrief will utilize officer body cameras and audio recordings of the negotiation.

This presentation will address the following:

  • Dealing with suicide-by-cop threats
  • Third-party recordings
  • Harder approaches
  • Keeping the suspect in decision-making mode

1500 – 1700 EDT

Keeping Your Team Relevant

Presented by Patrick Doering, Commander – Saint Charles County (MO) Regional CNT

This presentation will discuss strategies for keeping your team engaged, trained, and sharp. It will give you recommendations to overcome decreased training while maintaining your team’s overall effectiveness. The information presented will help ensure your agency is utilizing your team’s skills and experience by strengthening the negotiator’s relevance within your agency.

This presentation will address the following:

  • Decreased training budgets
  • Negotiator duties
  • Utilizing your negotiators in outside-of-the-box methods
  • Ensuring your agency is aware of your capabilities
  • Team selection
  • Training ideas
  • Policy
  • Equipment
  • Self-care

1700 – 1900 EDT

Case Study: Barricaded Subject Who Shot at U.S. Marshals

Presented by Gary Robertson, Sergeant – Saint Louis County (MO) Police Department

In June 2019, the Saint Louis County Police Division of Special Operations responded to an armed and barricaded subject in North Saint Louis County. This response was prompted after U.S. Marshals attempted to arrest a subject when he began firing numerous rounds at the Marshals. Containment was set, and Saint Louis County Police responded. After 29 hours of intelligence gathering, intense family dynamics and negotiations, the incident concluded. This debrief will cover key takeaways for a new negotiations team and overcoming intense family dynamics in a barricaded subject incident.

Join us at the NTOA’s Crisis Negotiations Workshop and take your skills to the next level!

Registration Fee:

Members: $179

Non-members: $234 (includes a 1-year membership to NTOA)