One of the original goals of the National Tactical Officers Association was to provide the best training at an affordable price. Founder John Kolman recognized most law enforcement officers paid for their own training, and as such, he set the original dues to the NTOA at $20 a year. Our goal has not changed, and we continue to look for ways to provide value to our membership.

At our recent board of directors meeting in Dallas, we discussed several important issues impacting the NTOA, as well as powerful strategic opportunities for our association’s future. For some time, the NTOA board has been assessing the need to increase membership dues.

Membership is the core of our association and dues serve as the primary source of funds used to fulfill the mission, operations and activities of the National Tactical Officers Association. Currently, revenue generated through our membership dues are not covering our basic operating costs as an organization. They haven’t for many years. As we continue to expand our collective efforts to accomplish our mission “to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange,” the cost of doing business is increasing as well.

The last time dues were increased for individual and team memberships was in 2002, nearly two decades ago. Compared to other law enforcement organizations in the country, the cost of an NTOA membership remains among the very lowest.

Therefore, after extensive deliberation, and following guidance from the American Society of Association Executives, which is the accepted and known industry standard concerning professional practices in association management, the board has determined a dues increase is necessary for the NTOA to continue to effectively accomplish its mission as a national organization and support essential strategic opportunities in the future. Beginning in Sept. 1, 2019, membership dues will be:

Individual Memberships Agency/Team Memberships
U.S. Member (print)                                           $50

Canada Member (print)                                     $55

U.S./Canada/Foreign Member (digital)           $35

Associate Member (digital)                               $50

Retired Member (print) NEW                           $40

Retired Member (digital) NEW                        $25

Fire/EMS Member (digital) NEW                     $35

25-year member                       Free Digital for life

U.S./Canada Agency/Team                             $450

(Includes 3 print copies of The Tactical Edge)

Foreign Agency/Team                                      $500

(Includes digital version of The Tactical Edge)




Print (Includes a print version of The Tactical Edge)
Digital (Includes a digital version of The Tactical Edge)

The NTOA truly appreciates its greatest asset, you, and we will continue to our utmost to provide the best training to you all. We will work equally hard to provide great value for your membership and are extremely grateful for your continued support.