Online SWAT Team Leader Development

Online SWAT Team Leader Development

This was my first online course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought all of the information was presented very well and all of the instructors were very knowledgeable. I spoke with other team members at my agency who took this same course in person and it seems like the online course may have advantages due to being able to bring in other instructors to speak who may not otherwise be able to travel and speak.


Marion County SO (FL)

SWAT Team Leader Development

The NTOA’s SWAT Team Leader Development course was some of the best training and direction I have received in my 16-year career. The tactical competency of both instructors, Matt Hardesty and Pat Hilliker, rang true when instructing aspects of SWAT operations. As an operator for 13 years, I can really appreciate their points of view and will take a lot of great ideas and tactics back to our team.  Listening to their experiences was humbling and rejuvenating. I aspire to be the warrior or at least one of the nine fighters that make the battle. As I get older, my mind is still sharp and my drive increasing, but sometimes my body doesn’t want to cooperate. I will share with the young blood on our team and in turn we will all benefit. Thank you for keeping us sharp.  We will not let you down.

Sgt. Brian Luthart

Huntersville (NC) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

This course was the best training I have attended in a very long time! I have never attended a training in which I felt completely challenged to re-evaluate my position in my career or how my department/team operates. The personal touch of Sgt. A.J. DeAndrea’s presentation hardened my dedication to doing my job the right way and to motivating those around me to be held to the same high standard.

Lt. Joel Footen

Washington County (MD) SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

This course far exceeded my expectations. I was excited to attend an NTOA course given the reputation of the NTOA, but this was awesome! No BS when I say this was an outstanding course. I am excited to apply the principles I learned to my team.

Officer Greg Benson

Kearney (NE) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

The course shed light on some deficiencies we have in the administrative side of the team especially. We have been working to improve this and gained some valuable insight into what we should be doing regarding record keeping, etc. The discussions around liability and the role of the tactical commander vs incident commander were also very beneficial.

The debriefs and breakdowns from the instructors were fantastic and got our minds thinking even more about the “what if” possibilities.

The instructors did an excellent job presenting and were able to keep me engaged and wanting to hear more throughout the entire week. Their experience and competency showed through, both as tactical leaders and presenters. I am walking away from this course feeling much more equipped as a team leader. Thank you!



Saskatoon Police Service

SWAT Team Leader Development

I am very pleased with the entire NTOA training experience. Starting with the NTOA staff and ending with the instructors, you all made this an uncomplicated process for me. Instructors Fred Myer and Rob Morris are top-notch, very personable, and provided all of us with a wealth of knowledge throughout the week.


Jefferson County, SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

This was the best 40-hour class I have attended in my 16-year career in law enforcement! I would recommend it to anyone and am going to try to send my whole team through it.

Sgt. Adam Frerichs

Cheyenne County (NE) SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

Thanks to NTOA for offering this level of training. The training was very emotional and deep. The instructors (A.J. DeAndrea and Dan Murphy) were true professionals and they have shared true stories with the class which needed to be shared. Some of us have taken this job for granted because we have not been through what those guys been through. For these reasons, I applaud NTOA for allowing the true heroes to shared real SWAT stories with us.

Sgt. Jean Casseus

Albany-Dougherty (GA) SWAT Team

SWAT Team Leader Development

It was a first for me going through an online course on Zoom and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward in implementing many of the ideas for our team.

As important as all the information is that you guys provided I wanted you to know that one of my big takeaways will be the passion each of you have for SWAT and teaching this course. Great job and much appreciated.

Constable Marc Hussey

Saint John (NB) Police Force

SWAT Team Leader Development

Great course and great instructors! The experience and intensity of both instructors brought realism to the training and provided a great foundation to teach from. I look forward to continue training with the NTOA and their instructors!

Sgt. Richard Hiles

Washington County (NE) SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

We had our first armed barricade over the weekend and my first major OP as team leader. I want to say, taking your SWAT Team Leader Development course helped me tremendously and I definitely used some of the things you taught us in the course. I also observed a lot of “problems” that happen when an incident of this size occurs. Overall, it went very well with the bad guys in custody and the good guys going home safe. I learned a lot for the future and will improve on some of the little things for next time. I would definitely recommend the course to new or current team leaders. Thanks for your class! (Click here to read article on this incident.)

Corporal Brian Opitz

Apex (NC) PD