Online Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents
Instructor: Mark Foos

This course provided more insight into the supervisor/leadership role during a critical incident. It provided examples of what not to do as a supervisor and it gave real life examples of the course material.

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the content/topic of the course. The entire course was exceptionally useful!


Monument (CO) PD

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents
Instructor: Travis Norton

Thank you for presenting such a great class! The information was presented in the perfect way for fellow officers/supervisors.The information provided was also very engaging and thought provoking. Your attitude towards the material, your officers, and the job is inspiring. Sometimes we allow “the job” to take us off our path of making a difference and providing a safer/better job for our officers. Shame on me. It takes vigilant leaders such as you to nudge us back to where we used to be and ignite the fire once again. I applaud you for it.



Patterson, NJ

Online – Supervising Patrol Critical Incident

Chief Nelson E. Whitney, II

Falls Township (PA) Police Department

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents class.

The instructor, Travis Norton, did a great job with the topic and it was the best LEO class I have taken in 12 years!


Sarasota, Florida

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

I recently attended NTOA’s Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents class instructed by Sgt. Fred Farris. The class was very beneficial and in all honesty one of the best training I have been to. I have let others know that when this class and instructor come around again next year, they need to go!

Trooper Bethany Robinson

Maine State Police