Online SWAT Command Decision-making and Leadership I

This was hands down the best tactical leadership/decision-making course I have taken! The information and the way it was presented was outstanding. The instructors were obviously experts in their field. They were well spoken and kept the interest of the entire class.


Williamson County (TX) Sheriff's Office

This class helped me understand overall trends and how other teams are operating. Team exercises in planning warrant service and barricaded suspect response were excellent. Debriefs were very relevant and informative.

The instructors were nothing short of outstanding. Their level of expertise and experience is very evident, and it was much appreciated. Keep up the great work!


Ormond (FL) PD

The instructors did a great job of highlighting the big picture of SWAT and what’s expected from a commander. Great class and I would highly recommend it for anyone in leadership on SWAT.


Texarkana (TX) Police Department