Online Basic Crisis Negotiations

Online Basic Crisis Negotiations

The scenarios challenged my theoretical knowledge by requiring its practical application. Great to try techniques and approaches in a safe and constructive environment. Provided feedback on individual skills whilst also encouraging team reflection. It was useful to experience different roles within the CNT. The role players were awesome and helped make the scenarios more realistic and challenging.

Great use of technology! Professional and experienced facilitators. Loved that each presenter had their own style and own way to contribute to the learning. By dividing sessions between them the trainers kept up the pace and interest – even though time differences meant I was attending training in the very early hours of the morning, I remained awake, interested and involved.

Reenie Lowe

New South Wales Ambulance (Australia)

Online Basic Crisis Negotiations

I liked the scenarios with live actors. Using everything we had and built upon, this was where we were able to apply it and gauge our abilities. This was a great course, I was impressed with how well the instructors made it work over zoom.

The instructors did an excellent job presenting and were able to keep me engaged and wanting to hear more throughout the entire week. Their experience and competency showed through, both as tactical leaders and presenters. I am walking away from this course feeling much more equipped as a team leader. Thank you!



Veteran Affairs Police Department, CA

Online Basic Crisis Negotiations

The level of experience all instructors have was incredible. They all continued to improve their skill sets by networking with other agencies and not accepting one method was better than the other. The suicidal person intervention and non-responder were absolutely what I was after. Fantastic course.

Just great work! Instructors Sean, Gary and Patrick would be welcome anytime to teach my mates here in Australia.


Northern Territory Police Force, NA