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Strengthening Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being

Strengthening Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being

I found the course very eye-opening and inspiring. The three assessments caused me to pause and do a bit of self-reflection.

After taking the course, I found myself wanting to learn more about leadership and how to influence, lead and train others.


Lancaster County (NE) Sheriff's Department

Strengthening Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being

I have attended numerous law enforcement trainings that attempted to positively impact leadership and mental skills of police officers. (LPO, BLUE COURAGE, VALOR) This training had a greater impact than those training combined. Not only do I feel this course improved my leadership potential I feel even more prepared to face the stressors of this job and of life.

This training helped me develop and understand myself as a person. The benefits will go beyond that of positively impacting my career but I anticipate the skills and understanding I know have will positively impact my personal life as well. 

By far the best training I have received in my nearly 20 years in law enforcement!


Lincoln (NE) Police Department

Strengthening Leadership, Resilience and Well-Being

This is an exceptional course that addresses areas where SWAT teams don’t normally train in.

I believe that the skills and tools provided in this course will make us more effective at the team level but also act as a force multiplier as its applied in personal lives and incorporated by others who constantly watch and learn from our SWAT team members.


Lincoln (NE) Police Department