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Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

This whole course was eye opening to me. I can honestly say there was not one thing from this training that I did not find to be extremely valuable. This was my first instructor course so I was trying to take in as much information as possible to bring back to my department.

I can’t thank instructors Chris Periatt and Jose Ramirez and the NTOA enough for coming to town for this training. It solidified my belief in what the NTOA teaches and how valuable it is for officers. It is obvious the instructors are passionate about teaching and that made me hungry to get to class every day and absorb as much information as I could. I really hope to attend another NTOA hosted training course in the future. Thank you for all that you do!


Grand Forks (ND) Police Department

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

The level of skill that each of the instructors possess made the course so much more enjoyable than any law enforcement course I’ve ever taken before. They know the content so well that their passion evident every minute of class.

The instructors’ skill level was matched only by their humility. Not once did they talk down to any of the students and always showed respect, even if a student didn’t completely agree with a certain point taught, instead they took the time to explain why things were taught a specific way by NTOA. A truly amazing course that every person in law enforcement should attend!

Great job!!! Thank you!


Wasatch County (UT) Sheriff's Office

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

I walked away from this course with a better understanding of what responding to an active shooter incident will take. I also feel like if I ever had to respond to an active shooter call, I would be able to do so in a more controlled and safer manner now.

I have been to courses in the past on the topic of active shooters and this course that NTOA put on is far and above the best one I have ever attended. The instructors did an amazing job with teaching the course material, were extremely knowledgeable and made learning a joy. I am a member of the SWAT team for my area and I walked away from this course a better operator and will be implementing things that I learned from this course. I will highly recommend to other officers that they take this course in the future.


University of North Dakota Police Department

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

We have not have any active shooter classes for several years, so the whole class was a great refresher, especially since I will now be instructing. Specifically, the instruction about what to do after the suspect is down or in custody; such as communicating with dispatch/other responding units, coordinating officer response, and assigning jobs.


Craig (CO) Police Department

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

The instructors’ experience was very helpful and benefited the quality of the information given. I am very thankful to have attended this class. I learned a lot and have recommended it to other officers.



Avon (CO) Police Department

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

The instructors for this course, Rod Schaeffer and Jose Ramirez, provided an excellent overview and training program as it relates to active shooter. The course was interactive, engaging and informative. The professionalism displayed by these two outstanding instructors was appreciated, their inclusiveness of the candidates, the respect they demonstrated for various learners and use of professional language allowed the candidates to feel comfortable in the setting and provided for a safe, effective and efficient training environment for adult learners.

The instructor level course provided a very good understanding of teaching adult learners and utilizing the concepts of the EDI instructional method, identical to my agency training program.

The layered approach to developing sound tactics and application during the use of scenario-based training allowed for many unique learning opportunities for candidates as they recognized the importance of prioritizing stopping the threat, preservation of life and evacuation of victims/witnesses with the phase 2 process of getting the corridor secure to facilitate the phase 3 approach to have the RTF come in and getting injured to the necessary medical facilities.

Overall, excellent course and much appreciated.

Kevin Theal

Canadian Border Service Agency

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

Everything combined made it a great course. The instructor definitely know what they are talking about and worked together very well. The information was fantastic and the learning environment was inclusive and fun. The location of the course and all it has to offer, along with the personal stories from victims and officers who have lived the experience was powerful.


Sunnyside (WA) Police Department

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

I want to thank the instructors for their hard work during the Police Response to Active Shooter course in St. Peters, MO. You all did a great job and I thought the training was outstanding.

Sgt. Jeffrey Ball

Sarasota (FL) PD

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

I recently took your Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification course in Deptford, NJ. Your two instructors, Don Alwes and Vinnie Lariccia, were tremendous! I can’t tell you the last time I have had two instructors that were as good as they were and worked together so well. They were extremely knowledgeable and their willingness to teach were second to none. This is the first NTOA class I have taken and I am looking forward to more!

Officer Bill Lacey

Temple University PD