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Manual and Shotgun Breaching

Manual and Shotgun Breaching

The amount of hands on under direct supervision to get guidance on how to improve was phenomenal. The instructors are obviously knowledgeable and are willing to draw from their own mistakes to use as learning aids. They are genuinely willing to hear thoughts and ideas on how to improve both the course and techniques.


Pennington County (SD) Sheriff’s Office

Manual and Shotgun Breaching

The material instructed gave me a degree of confidence to use it in real world calls. Outstanding course! Credit to the Instructors and the Salt Lake Unified Police that hosted. These were two incredible teams!


Sublette County (WY) Sheriff’s Office

Manual and Shotgun Breaching

The caliber of the instructors was excellent! They utilized real world experience and applied it to the instruction; both classroom and practical exercises. They did not have egos and weren’t afraid to admit that they had failed to accomplish some desired task – they fought through and succeeded.


Mobile (AL) PD

Manual and Shotgun Breaching

This was my first time using manual breaching tools as well as shotgun breaching. The instructors taught the classroom portion where it was easy to understand.

When it came to the practical use of the tools it was great to be able to use them in the decommissioned buildings. It provided the opportunity to actually see how the tools perform.


Elko (NV) Police Department