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Managing an Incident Command Post and Tactical Operations Center

Managing an Incident Command Post and TOC

I thought both instructor’s real world experiences in their careers made them extremely well suited to be instructors for this course. Telling war stories is one thing, but giving exact, first-hand examples of the lessons we were covering was priceless. I am extremely happy they were our instructors yesterday.


Norristown (PA) Police Department

Managing an Incident Command Post and TOC

I felt that the instructor gave me a better understanding on the dynamics of how a command should operate. He also provided examples of things that I didn’t think of before, when it came to the members of our community and their safety.


Roscommon County (MI) Sheriff's Office

Managing an Incident Command Post and TOC

I found that our instructors’ backgrounds and experience lent credibility to what they were teaching. Both instructors have lived and managed the exact type of scenarios that they were presenting. It’s one thing to teach from a book or from what you learned in a class, it’s a whole different story when as an instructor, you can provide your students with real life experience and knowledge.

I would happily attend any class that either of our instructors were involved in. This is not the first NTOA training I’ve done and I had a very similar experience prior to today. NTOA is fortunate to have them!


Paramus (NJ) Police Department

Managing an Incident Command Post and TOC

I believe that the instructor did a wonderful job in teaching us incident command. I believe that because of this course, should a major in incident occur, I will be prepared to take charge of a large scale incident.


Central Lake (MI) Police Department