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Less-Lethal/FSDD/Chemical Agent Instructor Certification

Less-Lethal, FSDD, Chemical Agent Instructor Certification

I was new to the FSDD and Specialty Impact Munitions with the exception of the 12-gauge beanbag. I found the class informative and interesting. Both instructors were well versed in their areas of instruction.Their level of experience and knowledge was obvious and well respected. In my opinion, the instructors held the trainee’s attention with the appropriate level of humor, debriefs, videos, and the course objectives. Great job and thank you!


Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Less-Lethal, FSDD, Chemical Agent Instructor Certification

Great job by the instructors. In this time of public safety/service, I believe training and good leaders need to step up and provide great instruction to other members of this profession. These instructors did just that and were great examples of what future leaders and instructors should be. Thanks again guys!


Seminole County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Less-Lethal, FSDD, Chemical Agent Instructor Certification

I want to commend Lt. Dave Pearson and Sgt. Mark Martinez for the outstanding Less-Lethal/FSDD/Chemical Agent Instructor class they brought to us in Portland recently. From the first day of class I knew we were going to be in for a great week. In my almost 14 years in law enforcement, I have had the opportunity to attend many different schools. Some have been less than what I had hoped for in terms of professionalism, instructor knowledge/experience and overall applicability to the job. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this class, but my hopes were high and these instructors did not disappoint.

The level of professionalism that they both displayed is what should be expected of any law enforcement instructor. I appreciate the fact that they were able to do their job as instructors while not making students feel inferior and recognizing that we are all veteran officers. We have all been to those classes where the instructor knows everything and the students are just students. To have instructors willing to listen to their students and their experiences is something that unfortunately we do not see very often. Soliciting input from students and actually caring about what they are saying is huge.

I learned a great deal about the subject matter, but I also learned a lot with regards to instructing. I’ve been trained by AZPOST as a general instructor and I have also been trained as an instructor in several specific disciplines. Despite having a bit of instructor training and experience under my belt, I’m always interested in learning from guys who are dedicated to our profession, especially as it relates to training other officers. The more I can learn, whether it be tactics or methods of instruction, the better I can be at preparing our new (and sometimes not so new) officers to do their job well and to keep themselves alive. These instructors helped me to be more effective in achieving this goal.

Again, I sincerely thank Lt. Pearson and Sgt. Martinez for putting on a top-notch class. The NTOA is fortunate to have them!


Gilbert (AZ) Police Department

Less-Lethal, FSDD, Chemical Agent Instructor Certification

The instructors really provided great information in an attainable format and backed it with real world functions and information. It has strengthened my understanding in the areas taught and I was highly appreciative. Being on a specialty team and even as a supervisor, it was great!

I really think that all practitioners of law enforcement should be a part of this organization and take these courses. I soaked it up like a sponge and took copious amounts of notes and will apply this in my profession on a specialty team as well as on my shift with my shift. There are several parts I can take and use to further educate my patrol deputies to help them excel in their profession.

The instructors were well versed, motivated and engaging. They really showed proficiency and understanding and were able to convey it to the class effectively. They are truly professionals and I would love to take more classes with them and pick their brains more.

Overall, I highly suggest every practitioner who takes their given profession of law seriously to become a member of NTOA and take these course as it will only lead to bettering themselves and reflect more positively on them and their agency!


Seminole County (FL) Sheriff’s Office