Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Subjects - Legal Realities and Options

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

Excellent course with excellent instructors who were tasked with teaching a difficult course topic.

The instructors did a masterful job of initiating positive change in the way that most officers view the topic and the appropriate tactics that should be used at calls involving suicidal subjects.


Nashua (NH) Police Department

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

The instructors were engaging and did an excellent job relaying the information in an organized and interesting manner. This is a very important topic and I would be interested in attending future related training.



Merrimack (NH) Police Department

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

I wanted to thank you for the training you and your team gave me yesterday. I previously attended a training with you in Johnson County, IN, and that training was the first I had heard about how we should be responding to suicidal people in their homes by themselves. It blew my mind back then, and I remember some people in the class arguing with you. But since then, we have operated under that mentality.

Emotionally, it’s hard to do, but the federal courts don’t consider if our heart was in the right place. It’s tough for sure. So, I am so glad I was able to attend your training yesterday because it opened my eyes to even more than it did 7 years ago. You and your team gave me so much more to consider.

I hope to send all the road supervisors to the next class you put on because I believe this is how we need to operate moving forward. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

Lt. Evan Love

Hendricks County (IN) Sheriff’s Office

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

The instructors are obviously passionate about this topic and very knowledgeable. I don’t believe this information can be shared too much. As law enforcement we have been conditioned to react to individuals with mental illness in certain ways, and while our intentions may have been good, the tactics used may not have been appropriate.

The instructors did an excellent job providing historical context, both from a law enforcement perspective as well as a legal perspective (case law).

Excellent training class!


Irving (TX) Police Department

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

Excellent course and excellent instructors. I truly did learn a great deal and would recommend it to anyone.


Cheektowaga (NY) Police Department

LE Response to Suicidal Subjects

The course provided a great understanding of what to consider in response to suicidal subjects. It provided a different way of thinking and I see a huge benefit from this.

The “decision guide” that was created was very well thought out and simple to use! Great appreciation of the whole class in general.


Robbinsdale (MN) Police Department