Hostage Rescue Training

At the end of the training week our team completed multiple fast-paced field training exercises which improved and enhance their tactical skills. The NTOA and their instructors met their mission statement and exceeded our team’s expectations.


Etowah County, AL

Hostage Rescue Training

Probably one of the best courses I’ve taken! The course was great and both instructors were amazing!

Detective Kelly Hawkins

Indio (CA) Police Department

Hostage Rescue Training

The depth of knowledge the instructors brought to the training is beyond measure. Hearing real life examples of different situations or tactical problems during training scenarios makes it all feel more realistic. These instructors deliver their knowledge in a manner that made us all want to perform well.

I’ve been on our team for 14 years now. In my opinion, this past week was the best training we’ve had in that time. This was a long, hard training week and I will be looking forward to any future courses given by this group of instructors.


Atlantic City (NJ) PD

Hostage Rescue Training

Debriefs, especially debriefs from local agencies, were particularly valuable. When making contingency plans for an incident, one is always trying to think of hypothetical situations that may present themselves. After hearing so many debriefs, I think I will be able to come up with more contingency plans because I am now aware of possible situations that may occur. I also liked how there was not too much focus on specific movement. Instead, we were able to focus more on priorities and how to act accordingly.

Come to California more often!

Detective Scott Abernathy

San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

Hostage Rescue Training

Instructors had a good balance of classroom work/lecture/PowerPoint and hands-on range scenarios. Instructors briefed each scenario and small changes were made to improve skills in HRT. I am able to take what I have learned from this course and implement it in my team’s training.

Great course and instructors! Look forward to more NTOA courses and sending more of our operators to this course!

Corporal Erik Longoria

Indio (CA) Police Department