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Basic Crisis Negotiations

Basic Crisis Negotiations

This course was amazing. The instructors were excellent and their knowledge and experience helped greatly as they both used real life experience to explain things.


Umatilla County (OR) Sheriff’s Office

Basic Crisis Negotiations

The instructors sharing their personal experiences was huge. From their experiences, I was able to see and feel what I can expect on an actual call out.

This was one of the better trainings I’ve attended during my 20+ years as a law enforcement officer.


Pikes Peak (CO) Community College

Basic Crisis Negotiations

All of the information was delivered so well and the instructors were engaging and created a very relaxed learning environment. Both of these instructors are, in my opinion, representative of the best of the best. They were personable and shared real world situations and experiences, even those that were emotional. Their wealth of experience and willingness to share made it apparent they are dedicated to spreading their knowledge among the law enforcement community.


Kootenai County (ID) Sheriff’s Office

Basic Crisis Negotiations

Listening to recordings of actual negotiations was not only interesting, but allowed students to hear actual real life events. The last day of scenarios was also very valuable. Being able to put what we learned into action was awesome.

Great review on dealing with the mentally ill.


Fountain (CO) Police Department

Basic Crisis Negotiations

Having back to back and shorter scenarios throughout the training really helped to reinforce the material as we learned it. Case studies/incident debriefs were really helpful to demonstrate the practicality of what we were learning.

Both instructors really listened to questions and took time to address them and ensure that the class understood the information. Overall, I felt that the course had a lot of value and managed to squeeze a lot of information into a small time frame while allowing time to practice the skill set.


Latah County (ID) Sheriff’s Office