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Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents
Instructor: Travis Norton

Thank you for presenting such a great class! The information was presented in the perfect way for fellow officers/supervisors.The information provided was also very engaging and thought provoking. Your attitude towards the material, your officers, and the job is inspiring. Sometimes we allow “the job” to take us off our path of making a difference and providing a safer/better job for our officers. Shame on me. It takes vigilant leaders such as you to nudge us back to where we used to be and ignite the fire once again. I applaud you for it.



Patterson, NJ

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed attending the Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents class in Sarasota, Florida.

The instructor, Travis Norton, did a great job with the topic and it was the best LEO class I have taken in 12 years!


Sarasota, Florida

SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I

Both instructors were very knowledgeable and had a way of relating their knowledge base and experiences to the class. I have attended numerous training courses throughout my career and I can honestly say this is one of, if not the best. I would highly recommend this to any existing or potential team commander, regardless of experience.


New Jersey

SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I

I left very happy with the course and what I got out of it. This is exactly the leadership class I have been looking for! I wanted to know the whats, ifs and whys of handling certain types of calls and the instructors checked those boxes.


New Hampshire

Scenarios Based Tactical Operations

This week, our SWAT team was put to the test, as they were instructed by two of the best NTOA instructors: Bill Yelton and Ben Cortina. This five-day course covered multiple areas of SWAT operations with an emphasis on Hostage Rescue. It was a challenging and edifying week to say the least. Thank you, gentlemen, for the excellent training! And thanks to all of our role players for your valuable participation in our Simunitions scenarios.

Saint Joseph County Metro SWAT

Officer Dave Ruiz

Mishawaka Police Department

SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I

The tenure and experience of Instructor Jeff Selleg was obvious. His in-depth knowledge was easily translated into the flow of the course and provided students with valuable insight to a wide variety of scenarios, theories and options. He was candid about his past mistakes, allowing us the opportunity to learn. Jeff was clear in his instruction and presented the material in a manner that was easily understood by lesser experienced students while at the same time kept the more advanced students engaged.

As a supervisor, I received numerous comments of the course success and there was an overwhelming positive feel from the class. The course was excellent and of incredible value to me and my team. Outstanding job!

Major Richard Lain

Texas Department of Public Safety

NTOA Academy in the news!
NTOA program combats disparities in SWAT leadership, readiness

Tactical missions handled by SWAT are some of the most difficult and challenging facing law enforcement. In an effort to combat the broad disparities in SWAT leadership and readiness across the nation, and to provide equal access to the best practices in tactical operations, the NTOA developed the NTOA Academy Command College. (Mike Wood, PoliceOne.com)


Mike Wood


Legal/Use-of-Force Seminar

As a bureau chief over our SWAT, K-9 and EOD units, the course refreshed my knowledge of current practices and case law giving me a better operational understanding of the decisions that need to be made from a command perspective.

Deputy Chief Joseph Rodriguez

Maricopa County SO

Legal/Use-of-Force Seminar

Glad I got to attend. Very good course. The fact it was lined up with the Shot Show was also a good bonus.

Tony Harrison

Pennington County SO

Legal/Use-of-Force Seminar

I just attended the Legal/Use of Force seminar in Las Vegas. It was outstanding!! Extremely informative.

Leonard Azrikam


Basic SWAT

Just wanted to say thank you to our instructor, Jason Behun, for the Basic SWAT training. It came in very handy recently. Last Saturday we had a barricade situation with a man who had a grenade. The standoff lasted about 11 hours before we were able to take the subject into custody. We implemented a lot of the ideas taught in the Basic SWAT course like cutting the power and disabling his cell phone. Negotiations failed as well as OC and CS gasses. We were able to make entry using the robot and finally take him into custody. Being a new guy on the team, the NTOA training helped immensely and the team functioned very well together.

CLICK HERE to read an article on the incident.

Officer Tyler Fliam

Scottsbluff (NE) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

The NTOA’s SWAT Team Leader Development course was some of the best training and direction I have received in my 16-year career. The tactical competency of both instructors, Matt Hardesty and Pat Hilliker, rang true when instructing aspects of SWAT operations. As an operator for 13 years, I can really appreciate their points of view and will take a lot of great ideas and tactics back to our team.  Listening to their experiences was humbling and rejuvenating. I aspire to be the warrior or at least one of the nine fighters that make the battle. As I get older, my mind is still sharp and my drive increasing, but sometimes my body doesn’t want to cooperate. I will share with the young blood on our team and in turn we will all benefit. Thank you for keeping us sharp.  We will not let you down.

Sgt. Brian Luthart

Huntersville (NC) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

This course was the best training I have attended in a very long time! I have never attended a training in which I felt completely challenged to re-evaluate my position in my career or how my department/team operates. The personal touch of Sgt. A.J. DeAndrea’s presentation hardened my dedication to doing my job the right way and to motivating those around me to be held to the same high standard.

Lt. Joel Footen

Washington County (MD) SO

NTOA training in action with the Brewer (ME) Police Department and two of our certified trainers, Don Alwes and Fred Farris.

CLICK HERE to read article “Becoming Prepared”

Brewer (ME) Police Department

I attended the SWAT Team Leader Development course in Chesterfield, Va. The overall presentation was excellent! The instructor, Fred Meyer, was easy going and delivered the information in an easy to understand manner. Especially important were the blocks devoted to liability training and proper documentation. Also the discussion of tactics was important. The mission debriefs along with sidebar discussions among the different teams were invaluable.
Lt. Stephen McQuail

Richmond (VA) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

I am very pleased with the entire NTOA training experience. Starting with the NTOA staff and ending with the instructors, you all made this an uncomplicated process for me. Instructors Fred Myer and Rob Morris are top-notch, very personable, and provided all of us with a wealth of knowledge throughout the week.

I have already been in touch with my team Commander and it is my hope to host other trainings through NTOA at this same facility, and perhaps our range facility as well.


Jefferson County, SO

School and Workplace Violence: Preparation and Response

Everything offered in this course was very important and useful to me. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, and made the course enjoyable because they are very down to earth. They showed that they are real people that want to teach because they really care.


Miller, SD

SWAT Team Leader Development

I recently attended one of your SWAT Team Leader Development trainings in North Haven, CT. The instructors, Pat Hilliker and Rob Morris, were two of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from in my 20 years as a police officer. They showed up every day enthusiastic about the day’s training and brought with them life experiences that were informative. Both instructors were personable and approachable the entire week and offered a wealth of knowledge. Pat and Rob are an asset to NTOA and I look forward to attending one of NTOA’s classes in the future.



North Haven, CT

Hostage Rescue Training

At the end of the training week our team completed multiple fast-paced field training exercises which improved and enhance their tactical skills. The NTOA and their instructors met their mission statement and exceeded our team’s expectations.


Etowah County, AL

Hostage Rescue Training

Debriefs, especially debriefs from local agencies, were particularly valuable. When making contingency plans for an incident, one is always trying to think of hypothetical situations that may present themselves. After hearing so many debriefs, I think I will be able to come up with more contingency plans because I am now aware of possible situations that may occur. I also liked how there was not too much focus on specific movement. Instead, we were able to focus more on priorities and how to act accordingly.

Come to California more often!

Detective Scott Abernathy

San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

Hostage Rescue Training

Instructors had a good balance of classroom work/lecture/PowerPoint and hands-on range scenarios. Instructors briefed each scenario and small changes were made to improve skills in HRT. I am able to take what I have learned from this course and implement it in my team’s training.

Great course and instructors! Look forward to more NTOA courses and sending more of our operators to this course!

Corporal Erik Longoria

Indio (CA) Police Department

Hostage Rescue Training

Probably one of the best courses I’ve taken! The course was great and both instructors were amazing!

Detective Kelly Hawkins

Indio (CA) Police Department

Basic SWAT

I want to thank the NTOA, and especially Instructor Marc Neal for conducting the Basic SWAT course here in Gloucester County, NJ last week. I received positive feedback from those who attended the course and I was fortunate enough to sit in on the majority of the week’s training.

Mr. Neal administered an excellent class. He is a consummate professional who is clearly an expert in his subject matter. He did an excellent job, was well organized and delivered an outstanding course of instruction.

Officer Mike Abate

Gloucester County (NJ) SWAT

SWAT Team Leader Development

Great course and great instructors! The experience and intensity of both instructors brought realism to the training and provided a great foundation to teach from. I look forward to continue training with the NTOA and their instructors!

Sgt. Richard Hiles

Washington County (NE) SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

This course far exceeded my expectations. I was excited to attend an NTOA course given the reputation of the NTOA, but this was awesome! No BS when I say this was an outstanding course. I am excited to apply the principles I learned to my team.

Officer Greg Benson

Kearney (NE) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

This was the best 40-hour class I have attended in my 16-year career in law enforcement! I would recommend it to anyone and am going to try to send my whole team through it.

Sgt. Adam Frerichs

Cheyenne County (NE) SO

SWAT Team Leader Development

Thanks to NTOA for offering this level of training. The training was very emotional and deep. The instructors (A.J. DeAndrea and Dan Murphy) were true professionals and they have shared true stories with the class which needed to be shared. Some of us have taken this job for granted because we have not been through what those guys been through. For these reasons, I applaud NTOA for allowing the true heroes to shared real SWAT stories with us.

Sgt. Jean Casseus

Albany-Dougherty (GA) SWAT Team

The NTOA’s Team Leader Concepts class, taught by Sgt. Luke Sherman, was the best I have ever attended at GTOA. I told my captain, if this is the caliber of training that NTOA offers, then we are doing our agency, team and community a disservice for not sending at least a few people each year to NTOA classes.

Sgt. Sherman’s preparation and knowledge was evident. His delivery was professional and still humble and approachable. He explained the concepts in a way that only a person who has a deep understanding of their topic can do. His energy was constant. Despite the limited amount of feedback and interaction, he remained motivated. Sgt. Sherman is impressive and a credit to his agency and community, and an asset to our country.

Cpl. L. Eric Phillips

Houston County SO Response Team

I attended the SWAT Commander I course in Henderson, Nevada in August. I want to thank Bart Branyon for his excellent instruction. The knowledge and insight he brought to the class made it outstanding! I feel very fortunate that I had to opportunity to attend under his instruction!
Lt. Jeff Hewes

Las Vegas Metro PD

I recently took the Advanced SWAT class. One of the most useful teaching techniques used by instructor Vinny Lariccia was setting up scenarios that increased the chances of failure for our team so we could learn from it and make adjustments for the next run. The class exceeded my expectations. Great job on instruction!
Officer Michael Unterkoefler

Augusta (ME) PD

Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

I recently attended NTOA’s two-day Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents class instructed by Sgt. Fred Farris. The class was very beneficial and in all honesty one of the best training I have been to. I have let others know that when this class and instructor come around again next year, they need to go!

Trooper Bethany Robinson

Maine State Police

Sniper I

Instructors Gar Haugo and Chris Fishel were fantastic. They were very professional and knowledgeable and took the time to work with each student to make sure we understood the material. I have attended many types of training over the years and this one was by far the most enjoyable and beneficial – a very good balance between classroom lecture and practical exercise.

This was the first NTOA course I have attended and I will certainly turn to the NTOA in the future for further training. I would highly recommend this course to all my brothers and sisters in law enforcement interested in becoming a sniper at their agency.


Hamblen County (TN) Sheriff's Department

Sniper I

This course was one of the best courses I have ever attended. I cannot say enough about the quality of the instructors and materials in the class. This is a mandatory class for any sniper or precision shooter.

Keep up the good work NTOA, and I look forward to more classes from you guys. A++++


Greeneville (TN) Police Department

Sniper I

Positional shooting, real world scenarios and practical drills sent me away from this class feeling very comfortable with my rifle. This class focused on the basics and what we would be most likely to face as a police sniper. Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything related to police sniping and marksmanship. Their drive and passion for the subject made the course easy to get excited about. I was extremely happy with this class and it left me excited to take NTOA classes in the future.


Sevierville (TN) Police Department

SWAT Team Leader Development

The real life experience in conjunction with the classroom material had a major impact on the amount of material I was able to take away from this course. It was a truly humbling experience and was crucial to my growth as a leader.

The experiences shared by instructor A.J. DeAndrea were eye-opening. He is a true leader of men who I would gladly follow into the abyss. It was an honor to have him as an instructor!


Chatham-Savannah Counternarcotics Team

I just completed the SWAT Team Leader Course at the NTOA’s 2015 tactical conference in Salt Lake City. I want to thank the instructors, A.J. DeAndrea and Dan Murphy, for an outstanding class. This was truly one of the most informative classes I have attended in my 20 years on the job.

It is clear that both instructors put passion and commitment into this class and I greatly appreciate that. This class will certainly save lives in the law enforcement community.


Grand Rapids (MI) PD, Special Response Team

Basic SWAT

NTOA’s Basic SWAT course is the best training I have attended in my law enforcement career. This course taught excellent material for use in both SWAT and patrol. Since I am mostly patrol, it was great to see that the same techniques can be applied. I learned that the technique of slow, deliberate planning and movement gets to the same objective and is hopefully safer.

Keith Girting Jr.

Beaver County (PA) DA - ESU

Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification

I want to thank the instructors for their hard work during the Police Response to Active Shooter course in St. Peters, MO. You all did a great job and I thought the training was outstanding.

Sgt. Jeffrey Ball

Sarasota (FL) PD

Manual and Shotgun Breaching

The caliber of the instructors was excellent! They utilized real world experience and applied it to the instruction; both classroom and practical exercises. They did not have egos and weren’t afraid to admit that they had failed to accomplish some desired task – they fought through and succeeded.

Officer Brad Penton

Mobile (AL) PD

SWAT Team Leader Development

We had our first armed barricade over the weekend and my first major OP as team leader. I want to say, taking your SWAT Team Leader Development course helped me tremendously and I definitely used some of the things you taught us in the course. I also observed a lot of “problems” that happen when an incident of this size occurs. Overall, it went very well with the bad guys in custody and the good guys going home safe. I learned a lot for the future and will improve on some of the little things for next time. I would definitely recommend the course to new or current team leaders. Thanks for your class! (Click here to read article on this incident.)

Corporal Brian Opitz

Apex (NC) PD

The SWAT Commander II class in Green Bay, Wisconsin, forced me to think critically and stretched my thought process. The course was comprehensive. I appreciated the leadership presentation and the instructors (Kevan Dugan and Jeff Selleg) exceeded my expectations. Their level of professionalism and knowledge of subject matter was exceptional!
Sgt. Todd Peters

Appleton (WI) PD

The SWAT Commander II class that I took in Green Bay, Wisconsin, forced me to consider the “big picture” when making command decisions. I will leave this class a better leader, which was my goal when I started.
Deputy Jody Breider

Brown County (WI) SO

I want to commend Lt. Dave Pearson and Sgt. Mark Martinez for the outstanding Less-Lethal/FSDD/Chemical Agent Instructor class they brought to us in Portland recently. From the first day of class I knew we were going to be in for a great week. In my almost 14 years in law enforcement, I have had the opportunity to attend many different schools. Some have been less than what I had hoped for in terms of professionalism, instructor knowledge/experience and overall applicability to the job. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this class, but my hopes were high and these instructors did not disappoint.

The level of professionalism that they both displayed is what should be expected of any law enforcement instructor. I appreciate the fact that they were able to do their job as instructors while not making students feel inferior and recognizing that we are all veteran officers. We have all been to those classes where the instructor knows everything and the students are just students. To have instructors willing to listen to their students and their experiences is something that unfortunately we do not see very often. Soliciting input from students and actually caring about what they are saying is huge.

I learned a great deal about the subject matter, but I also learned a lot with regards to instructing. I’ve been trained by AZPOST as a general instructor and I have also been trained as an instructor in several specific disciplines. Despite having a bit of instructor training and experience under my belt, I’m always interested in learning from guys who are dedicated to our profession, especially as it relates to training other officers. The more I can learn, whether it be tactics or methods of instruction, the better I can be at preparing our new (and sometimes not so new) officers to do their job well and to keep themselves alive. These instructors helped me to be more effective in achieving this goal.

Again, I sincerely thank Lt. Pearson and Sgt. Martinez for putting on a top-notch class. The NTOA is fortunate to have them!

Det. Dan Metzler

Gilbert (AZ) PD

I recently took your Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification course in Deptford, NJ. Your two instructors, Don Alwes and Vinnie Lariccia, were tremendous! I can’t tell you the last time I have had two instructors that were as good as they were and worked together so well. They were extremely knowledgeable and their willingness to teach were second to none. This is the first NTOA class I have taken and I am looking forward to more!
Officer Bill Lacey

Temple University PD