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The Tactical Edge is widely regarded as the foremost source of information on law enforcement operations. Our journal has been providing timely and informative articles from a broad range of seasoned experts since 1983. With an audience of approximately 50,000 officers from over 17,000 agencies and divisions, we are dedicated to providing the latest insights and strategies on current patrol and tactical topics, crisis negotiations, EMS, and other specialties.

Whether in print or digital format, The Tactical Edge is the go-to resource for law enforcement professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Place your company’s message in our highly-esteemed publication and become a part of the trustworthy image NTOA imparts through publishing training and professional resources for the law enforcement community.

See our submission guidelines below!

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Here are some suggested subject areas for articles. However, feel free to submit topics that are not listed here.


  • Adapting police response to the mentally ill
  • Challenges of working with city council/government
  • Combating school and workplace violence
  • Crisis negotiations
  • Education and training trends
  • Effective intelligence & information sharing
  • EOD/SWAT joint operations
  • High elevation operations
  • Incident debriefs
  • Leadership and management
  • Mass casualty response
  • Overcoming challenges of working with impairments (colorblindness, hearing loss, etc.)
  • Prioritizing officer safety and wellness
  • Public order
  • Rebuilding agency/team from the ground up
  • Swatting
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support
  • Unifying response across jurisdictions
  • Use of Xray technology in SWAT operations
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Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit an original manuscript via email to [email protected] or by using the Submit an Article form on our website. Complete contact information should be provided, including mailing address, law enforcement or other affiliation and phone.
  • Articles should be submitted in Word format (not PDF).
  • Articles must be original work, previously unpublished, and not simultaneously submitted to another publication.
  • Must include brief bio of law enforcement background. May include a recent head-and-shoulder photo of the author (no sunglasses or hats).


  • All articles are submitted to multi-stage peer review by NTOA subject-matter experts before approval for publication. This process, along with the need to evaluate space and schedule, can take several weeks. Manuscripts not selected for publication will receive notice without criticism or comment.


  • The NTOA reserves the right to edit manuscripts. These edits could include changes to clarify the story, improve the writing, trim the length or ensure that an article meets our stylistic guidelines found in the Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Articles should be written in third-person narrative, (First-person narrative will be considered at editor’s discretion.)
  • The NTOA will NOT publish articles that are advertorial in nature and/or that promote the author’s company, training or product.
  • Articles about competitions/contests are not accepted.
  • Feature articles typically run 1,500 to 2,500 words. We welcome focused articles of 1,000 words or less, and consider in-depth articles of 3,000 words.
  • The Tactical Edge uses endnotes – manuscripts should not have footnotes or in-text citations. All notes should be marked by a number in the text and corresponding citation or information should be listed at the end of the manuscript with the corresponding numbers.


  • If photos are included with your article, they must be submitted as digital files. The NTOA reserves the right to crop photos. All photos must include captions keyed to photo file name.
  • Digital photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi resolution (600 dpi is preferred) and at least 3 x 5 inches (8 x 10 inches preferred). The size should be as close to 1mb as possible. Use a 3-megapixel or higher camera on the best-quality .jpg or .tif setting. Photos embedded in Word or PowerPoint files, or images copied from the Internet are unacceptable and cannot be used.
  • If illustrations, charts or graphs are used, please verify that you have the right to publish these.
  • NTOA reserves the right to disseminate submitted photos as needed for website, advertisements, etc.


  • You must inform us if your article has been previously published and if another publication holds copyright to the article.
  • In consideration of being published in The Tactical Edge, the submitting author(s) agrees that NTOA may reprint, reproduce and disseminate as determined by the Executive Director of the NTOA.
  • The NTOA does not offer monetary compensation for articles published.