NTOA Section Chair


For years, the NTOA Sections have played a critical role in facilitating discussions, researching current issues and developing recommendations for the Board of Directors on contemporary and emerging trends in law enforcement special operations. NTOA Sections are comprised of practicing subject matter experts and led by a Section Chair and Vice Chair. Section Chairs report directly to the NTOA Executive Director.

Section Chairs will be expected to perform the following duties during their two-year term:
1. Maintain currency within designated disciplines.
2. Act as a point of contact for Association members seeking advice or information on matters related to that discipline.
3. Provide information and/or recommendations on subject matter within the discipline to the Board of Directors for its consideration/disposition.
4. Provide to the Executive Director and Board of Directors topics that may be discussed in quarterly newsletters and The Tactical Edge magazine.
5. Submit a minimum of one article per year for publication in The Tactical Edge magazine.
6. In addition to submitting one article for publication as mentioned above, the Section Chair shall solicit and obtain a minimum of one article per year for publication in The Tactical Edge magazine from another author in that field.
7. Attend Association Board of Directors meetings when requested.
8. Provide a written report summarizing section activities to the Executive Director by September 1 each year. Reports will be reviewed by the Directors at the annual meeting.

The ideal candidate for a Section chair position, would have the following qualities:

1. At least five years in an assignment specifically related to the section field being applied for.
2. Authored articles, journals or white papers on the subject.
3. Possesses exemplary verbal and written communication skills in order to run Section meetings, develop documents and communicate messages.


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