Charlottesville, VA – It can happen anywhere, anytime. Be prepared.

As we all witnessed on the weekend of August 12th, planned protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, spiraled out of control, resulting in deadly violence.

Violence, whether perpetrated by groups or individuals, can always threaten peaceful protests. Law enforcement must be prepared to respond and comprehensive training is our best defense.

To that end, the NTOA now offers a four-day, 40-hour Public Order – Riot Control course to active law enforcement personnel. (See below.)

NOTE: A three-day version of this course is offered at our Tactical Operations Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sept. 24 – 29, 2017.

Public Order – Riot Control Course

The NTOA’s Public Order – Riot Control course is highly practical, real-life training that offers a best practices model for civil disorder teams. This four-day (40-hour) course is roughly 20 percent didactic and 80 percent practical, with content that is a hybrid of material from Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Topics covered include:

  • In-depth introduction into the use of riot equipment
  • Public order formations
  • Tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Close-quarter combatives
  • Riot survival
  • Introduction to less-lethal force within a crowd
  • Less-lethal munitions and the legal aspects of their use
  • Live simulated OC/CS agent training
  • Integration of firearms
  • Canines
  • Mounted law enforcement
  • Artificial lighting
  • Molotov cocktail (petrol bomb) awareness training
  • Law enforcement action
  • Crowd behavior
  • Crowd management principles
  • The disorder scale
  • Briefing structure
  • Guidelines for civil disorder units

The training uses 40 sets of current British HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Department Branch) standard riot control equipment, to not only protect students, but to encourage full force participation and engagement.

Programs may be customized to an agency’s specific needs. Please note that this training is not mobile field force training, and has been found to be much more effective in meeting the needs of modern day public order teams.

For more information or to host a course at your agency:
NTOA Contact: Laura Gerhart
800-279-9127, ext. 128