Colorado Springs, CO (June 6, 2023) — The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), a leading organization dedicated to promoting public safety through training, education, and tactical excellence, is proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Tactical Response Operations Standards (TROS) and the newly created Public Order Standards. These new standards signify a major milestone in our ongoing commitment to professionalism, top service and accountability within the law enforcement community.

In an era when maintaining high standards is crucial to ensuring public safety, the NTOA recognizes the significance of providing law enforcement practitioners and leadership with comprehensive and up-to-date guidance. The TROS and new Public Order Standards are invaluable resources, equipping law enforcement professionals with the critical information necessary to handle complex and challenging situations effectively.

The updated TROS reflects the ever-evolving landscape of tactical operations and offers the latest best practices in the field. These standards encompass a wide range of areas, including tactical response, crisis negotiation, tactical emergency medical services (TEMS), active shooter incidents, hostage rescue, high-risk warrant service, and more. By adhering to these standards, SWAT teams can enhance their operational effectiveness, minimize risks, and safeguard both the public and law enforcement personnel.

Similarly, the new Public Order Standards focus on maintaining order during large-scale events, protests, and civil unrest. These standards address crowd management techniques, de-escalation strategies, crowd dispersal methodologies, and the appropriate use of non-lethal force options. By establishing clear guidelines, law enforcement agencies can ensure that public order operations are conducted with the utmost professionalism, respect for human rights, adherence to constitutional rights, and minimal impact on the community.

“By releasing these new standards, the NTOA aims to set a benchmark for excellence in SWAT operations and public order management,” said Thor Eells, the executive director of the NTOA. “We believe that adherence to these standards will empower law enforcement professionals and leaders to respond effectively and ethically in challenging situations, thus fostering trust between communities and law enforcement agencies.”

The comprehensive nature of these standards is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the professionals involved in their development. Through an extensive collaboration process involving law enforcement practitioners, subject matter experts, and police leadership from throughout North America and Europe, the standards reflect an innovative and contemporary approach to public safety.

The NTOA will provide training programs, workshops, and resources to law enforcement agencies nationwide to ensure widespread adoption and implementation of the new standards. These initiatives will help equip officers and leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the standards set forth by the association.

The NTOA remains committed to continuous improvement and advancement of law enforcement practices. By setting the bar high through the release of the new SWAT and Public Order Standards, the association aims to cultivate a culture of excellence, accountability and professionalism within the law enforcement community, ultimately enhancing public safety for all.

Contact information:

  • TROS: For more information about the new SWAT Standard (TROS), please contact NTOA Executive Director Thor Eells at 800-279-9127 ext. 115, or via email at [email protected].
  • Public Order Standards: Inquiries regarding the Public Order Standards may be directed to the Public Order Section Chairman Spencer Fomby via email at [email protected].
  • Training: Questions regarding the NTOA’s training programs and resources, please contact NTOA Training at 800-279-9127, ext. 2, or via email at [email protected].