The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is pleased to announce the fall edition of The Tactical Edge is now available.

This issue features a special tribute article on the life and legacy of Charles “Sid” Heal, written by NTOA Director Emeritus Phil Hansen. Sid passed away in May of this year, and the loss to the law enforcement community is enormous. His innumerable contributions will continue to shape the tactical community and save lives for many years to come

Since 1989, more than 130 of Sid’s articles have appeared in The Tactical Edge. He has been a mainstay of this publication and his impact on our collective professional learning is unparalleled.

Other features in this issue include “Non-criminal Barricades and Liability” by Scott Savage, “Active Threat Response: Improving Future Performance” by Bruce Liebe, and “Shields Forward: The Rapid Deployment of Rifle-Grade Shields to Critical Incidents” by Bart Branyon. The entire issue is available online to law enforcement officers who become members of the NTOA.