Introducing the National Negotiator’s Challenge
October 27, 2024

The NTOA is hosting its first-ever National Negotiator’s Challenge, a unique opportunity for crisis negotiation teams to work together and challenge themselves and their teams against other teams nationwide.

Teams will participate in a challenging scenario-driven competition. Up to 10 teams (up to 8 negotiators per team) may register. The NTOA will provide judging criteria to teams upon registration.

The National Negotiator’s Challenge is a realistic stress-based training opportunity. It allows participants and observers to witness how other teams address the same scenario in their own way, depending on resources, team size, experience, and more. Additional negotiators may attend for observation and training purposes.

Important: ALL National Negotiator’s Challenge attendees MUST register for the NTOA’s Crisis Negotiations Conference (1-day, 2-days or whole week) before registering for the competition.

Additional cost to register for the Challenge: $75