Chemical Agents, Flash Sound Diversionary Device, Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Recertification

Until recently, the NTOA’s Chemical Agents, Flash Sound Diversionary Device, Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Instructor Certification course came with a lifelong instructor certification that had no expiration. After consultation with subject matter experts and our organization’s staff attorneys, it was agreed that with the changes in munition technology, case law, and developing national events, the NTOA must ensure that any instructor who bases their expertise and qualifications on a certification from the NTOA is equipped with the most contemporary information possible. As a result, effective Jan. 1, 2017, the NTOA stopped offering the lifelong certification.

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, all Chemical Agents, Flash Sound Diversionary Device, Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Instructor Certifications expire four years from the date of the instructor certification course completion. As a result of this change, the NTOA launched recertification courses. These courses will be conducted online and will also have a four-year expiration. It will be available to all students who were certified prior to Jan 1, 2017. For those certified after Jan. 1, 2017, you will be notified prior to your certification expiring and invited to attend the recertification online.

See FAQs below.

Less Lethal Recertification FAQs

Is there a cost to go through the recertification?

Yes, there is a of fee $99 per course for active members, $154 for those who have let their membership lapse. 

How do I access the Less Lethal Recertification Courses?

You will need to hold an active membership and log into the member portal. If you are eligible for recertification you will see registration links, upon receiving payment you will be enrolled in the online program and will receive access to our LMS to begin the recertification process.

What happens if I miss the Less Lethal Recertification Course deadline?

You will be required to pay for and attend the full, in-person, 5-day LL/FSDD/CA Instructor Certification Course. The NTOA does not allow attendance at only one of the 3 certifications (LL, FSDD, Chemical Agents); you will have to attend the full week for all 3 certifications.

I went through a CTS, Defense Technology, or etc. instructor course for my initial certifications. Am I eligible to attend the NTOA recertification?

No, the NTOA re-certification is only available to those who have attended the initial NTOA Instructor certification courses.

Must I pass an exam in the recertification course?

Yes, there is one exam for chemical agents, one exam for FSDD, and one exam for impact projectiles. You only get 3 attempts to pass each exam. You must score a minimum of 80% in order to pass each separate exam.

Is there any requirement for in-person attendance for the recertification?

No, the entire recertification is online.