Yes. Once enrolled, you may attend stand-alone courses that are required for each module and receive attendance credit for that. There is no charge for these specific stand-alone courses, however, this only applies to courses that are a part of a Command College Module that has been paid for. If you want to attend stand-alone courses for Command College modules that have not been paid for, you will need to pay for the stand-alone course.

Another option is to attend the residency portion for the module you are enrolled in. One of the goals of the Academy is to make it easier for students to attend and complete courses required for the Command College. By being a Command College student, you will have the advantage and option of completing a portion of those six courses (two in each module) online and then attend a shortened classroom session (residency). Those shortened residency courses will be scheduled, announced, and opened only to Command College students. Some residency portions will be offered at the Law Enforcement Operations Conference each year and may be offered at other times throughout the year. Students enrolled in the Command College residency session that occurs at the Law Enforcement Operations Conference are NOT registered for the conference, although they are allowed to attend the trade show and some special events.