Does a team membership provide discounts on stand-alone training courses and conferences?

No. This option was eliminated in 2019. Only individual members receive discounts on training courses.

If I am a NTOA member and register for a course, does my NTOA membership get extended?

No, your membership will still expire at the regularly scheduled time. However, keep in mind that as a result of your existing membership, you paid a discounted price for your course or conference registration.

May I use someone else’s NTOA membership number to register for a course or conference?


I am a substitution/replacement for someone who has already registered, what do I need to do?

Please contact Laura Gerhart at 800-279-9127 ext. 128

Who can submit a workshop proposal for NTOA Conferences and how do I submit one?

Anyone can submit a proposal. You may email Laura Gerhart and ask that the proposal link be sent to you.