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NTOA Team Reviews, Critical Incident Reviews, and Tactical Workshops

The NTOA provides custom, objective, third-party reviews and assessments of tactical teams, law enforcement agencies, and single incidents. The reviews aim to enhance each requesting agency’s tactical capability and professionalism.

As with any review or assessment, objectivity is critical to the process. The NTOA provides subject matter experts to conduct these services and complete detailed reports identifying agency or team strengths, overall performance, and recommended improvement. The foundation of reviews and workshops is the 2018 Tactical Response and Operations Standards.

All reviews are coordinated through the Training Department of the NTOA and overseen by the Director of Training & Education. Each review and assessment process begins with preliminary discussions to determine the needs and objectives of the requesting agency. The NTOA then submits a formal agreement identifying the scope of work and costs to the agency for consideration.

When the requesting agency accepts the agreement and all contractual obligations are arranged, the review and assessment are conducted by the NTOA. Due to variances in travel costs, deadlines, complexities of specific teams or incidents, and the needs of the requesting agency, each review is unique and is expensed accordingly.

Types of Reviews

Full Team Review

The Full Team Review is a comprehensive assessment of the agency’s tactical team and includes both off-site work by NTOA and an on-site visit. The Full Team Review includes, but is not limited to, the assessment and evaluation of the following:

· Tactics
· Policy and Procedure
· Training (Documentation, curriculum, instructors, and records.)
· Equipment
· Organization and Structure
· Leadership
· Selection and Retention
· Inter- and Intra-agency Relationships
· Firearms
· Pre- and Post-Mission Documentation
· Evaluation of Hostage / Crisis Negotiations Elements (CNT/HNT)
· Evaluation of other special team integrations

Through the initial evaluations of an agency’s written policies, procedures, and documentation, coupled with onsite observations, interviews, and assessments, the reviewers determine a level of assurance on how the team comports with contemporary practices. The review culminates in an in-depth formal written analysis outlining the team’s congruence with modern practices and specific measures recommended for improvement.

Policy & Procedure Review

The policy and procedure review focuses on an agency’s documentation-related tactical team operations. The focus of these reviews is the agency’s written policies and the team’s written procedures and how they compare to contemporary practices. Policy and procedure reviews are similar to the full team review but limited to how the team is governed and operates. The review culminates in a formal written evaluation and recommendations for improvement. The scope of work dictates policy and procedure review, and sometimes an onsite assessment is necessary to meet the requesting agency’s needs

Training Management System Review

The training management system review focuses on a holistic review of how the team evaluates training & education needs, develops training plans, conducts, and documents team training. The review focuses on developing practical, durable learning across a system that effectively utilizes limited training time and assets. These reviews are similar to a policy & procedure review and are limited in scope to evaluating the systems in place. The review culminates in a formal written evaluation along with recommendations for improving the training system. The review’s scope of work dictates whether an onsite assessment is necessary to meet the requesting agency’s needs.

Critical Incident Review

The Critical Incident Review provides the requesting agency with an objective third-party evaluation of its performance during a single critical incident. The review evaluates the decisions and actions of law enforcement personnel during a particular crisis. Critical Incident Reviews are not limited to incidents involving tactical teams. The scope of work dictates Critical Incident Review site visits, which sometimes may not be necessary.

Tactical Team Workshop

The Tactical Team Workshop involves one or more NTOA instructors working on-site directly with your tactical team and is not a formal team review. Tactical Team Workshops do not result in preparing a formal analysis or a comprehensive report but do generate a short synopsis and recommendations for future improvement. Workshops can last from one to several days as the workshop design and objectives dictate. The on-site instructor will provide training, feedback, and oral evaluation directly to the team and a short written summary of their observations.

Due to variances in travel costs, deadlines, complexities of specific teams or incidents, and the needs of the requesting agency, each review is unique and is expensed accordingly.