Tactical Leadership

The One Star NTOA Certified Credible Leader program is designed for those who wish to be certified and recognized at the international level.

Upon completion this certification carries with it the responsibilities, honors and privileges of a professional accomplishment with international recognition.  This includes the designation of the ONE STAR NTOA Certified Credible Leader. Successful candidates receive:

  • Lapel Pin – A Certified Credible Leader One Star lapel insignia (uniform pin).
  • Certificate – An 11×14 professional certificate suitable for framing.
  • Letter of Accomplishment – A letter of accomplishment mailed to the candidate recognizing him or her as a One Star Credible Leader.
Online Tactical Leadership Modules – 90 Hours
P1TLCM01 Leadership Principles and Concepts
P1TLCM02 Lincoln on Leadership – Requires a textbook: “Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times” by Donald T. Phillips.
P1TLCM03 First-Line & Mid-Level Supervision
P1TLCM04 Personal Leadership
P1TLCM05 Leadership and Change
P1TLCM06 Leadership and Ethics
P1TLCM07 Leadership and Power
P1TLCM08 Leadership Theories and DiSC Styles
 P1TLCM09  Moral Compass – Requires a textbook: “Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals” by Normre,
P1TLCM10 It’s Your Ship – Requires a textbook: “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”  by D. Michael Abrashoff.
P1TLCM11 Military Leadership
P1TLCM12 Founding Fathers on Leadership – Requires a textbook: “The Founding Fathers on Leadership: Classic Teamwork in Changing Times” by Donald T. Phillips.
P1TLCM13 Generations
P1TLCM14 It’s Our Ship – Requires a textbook: “It’s Our Ship: The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff.
P1TLCM15 Practical Emotional Intelligence
 2 Self-Assessments (DISC & CMS included)

SWAT Tactical Team Leader Development Course

  • 16 Hours – Asynchronous Online Learning
  • 40 Hours – Residency Course Classroom Course or Synchronous Online Course

 Training Management & Risk Mitigation for SWAT

  • 8 Hours – Asynchronous Online Learning
  • 24 Hours – Residency Course Classroom Course or Synchronous Online Course

Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Suspects (LERSS)

  •  8 Hours – Asynchronous Online Learning


  • Webinar/ Quiz
  • Essay
Capstone Research Project 32 Hrs  

 32 Hrs (Non-Residency) Capstone Research Project – See FAQ for more detailed explanation

  • Requires 80% proficiency to meet required standards