Operational Leadership

The Two Star NTOA Certified Credible Leader designation is for those who wish to be certified and recognized at the international level.

This certification carries with it the responsibilities honors and privileges of professional accomplishment with international recognition.  This includes the designation of the TWO STAR NTOA Certified Credible Leader.  Successful candidates receive:

  • Lapel Pin – A Certified Credible Leader Two Star lapel insignia (uniform pin).
  • Certificate – An 11×14 professional certificate suitable for framing.
  • Letter of Accomplishment – A letter of accomplishment mailed to the candidate recognizing him or her as a Two Star Credible Leader.
Online Operational Leadership Modules – 90Hrs
P2OLCM01 Good to Great
P2OLCM02 Proactive Communication
P2OLCM03 Conflict Management
P2OLCM04 Cultural Diversity
P2OLCM05 Action Leadership
P2OLCM06 Reflective Leadership
P2OLCM07  Start With the Why – Requires a textbook: “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek
P2OLCM08 Legacy Leadership
P2OLCM09 Cyrus on Leadership
P2OLCM10 Credible Leadership
P2OLCM11  Toxic Leadership
P2OLCM12 Adaptive Leadership
P2OLCM13 Adaptive Decision Making as a Deliberate Counter VUCA Tactic
P2OLCM14 Tactical Leadership
P2OLCM15 Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ – Requires a textbook: “Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ” by Daniel Goleman (2005)
P2OLCM16 Deep Change and Positive Emotional Intelligence
1 Self-Assessment (EQI is included)
NTOA Modules – 28 Hours Online & 32 Hours Residency Course
P2OLCM17 Sound Doctrine – Requires a textbook:Sound Doctrine” by Sid Heal – 2 hrs. (online)
P2OLCM18  The Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units – Requires a textbook: “The Management of Police Specialized Units by Tomas C. Mijares, Ph.D. and Ron McCarthy (2008) – 2 hrs. (online)

 Managing Critical Incidents

  • 8 Hrs. Online
  • 8 Hrs. Residency Course*

SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I

  • 16 Hrs. Online
  • 24 Hrs. Residency Course*
*  The 8 hr. Tactical Operation Center residency course and the 24 hr. Command I residency course shall be taught consecutively in one week (32 hours)
Capstone Research Project 32 Hours

 32 Hrs. (Non-Residency) Capstone Research Project – See FAQ for more detailed explanation

  • Requires 80% proficiency to meet required standards