Academy FAQs

How to receive college credit recommendation for completing the Sid Heal Command College?

The American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) has articulated the Emerging Leaders and the Command & Staff Program portion of the Sid Heal Command College. ACE connects workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping students gain access to academic credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside the traditional classroom.  The ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training contains ACE credit recommendations for formal courses or examinations offered by various organizations, from businesses and unions to the government and military. The college credit recommendation request that you submit is managed by the Office of the Registrar or Records Department of the National Command & Staff College, as described below.

  • To receive ACE College Transfer Credit Recommendation for upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 6 semester hours in organizational leadership, public safety leadership, or sociology, you must have successfully completed all modules of the NTOA Command College program. Go here to request your badge.
  • To receive ACE College Transfer Credit Recommendation for graduate degree category, 6 semester hours in sociology, leadership, or organizational behavior, you must have successfully completed all modules of the Sid Heal Command College program. Go here to request your badge.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Dr. Mitch Javidi, Dean of Academic and Leadership Affairs (NTOA) and President of the National Command & Staff College at [email protected].

Once enrolled in the Sid Heal Command College, may I attend and receive attendance credit for stand-alone courses?

Yes. Once enrolled, you may attend stand-alone courses that are required for each module and receive attendance credit for that. There is no charge for these specific stand-alone courses, however, this only applies to courses that are a part of a Command College Module that has been paid for. If you want to attend stand-alone courses for Command College modules that have not been paid for, you will need to pay for the stand-alone course.

Another option is to attend the residency portion for the module you are enrolled in. One of the goals of the Academy is to make it easier for students to attend and complete courses required for the Command College. By being a Command College student, you will have the advantage and option of completing a portion of those six courses (two in each module) online and then attend a shortened classroom session (residency). Those shortened residency courses will be scheduled, announced, and opened only to Command College students. Some residency portions will be offered at the Law Enforcement Operations Conference each year and may be offered at other times throughout the yearStudents enrolled in the Command College residency session that occurs at the Law Enforcement Operations Conference are NOT registered for the conference, although they are allowed to attend the trade show and some special events.

What are the benefits of completing the NTOA Academy?

Attendees will improve their own individual decision making and leadership capabilities in the field. This portable certificate will add value to your professional resume as a law enforcement leader, regardless of what organization you work for. Completion of the program will also help reduce both individual and organizational liability.

Do I have to be an NTOA Member to enroll?

Yes, as part of the Academy enrollment process, you must pre-pay for an NTOA Individual membership if one does not already exist.


Can I use previously attended NTOA courses as credit for the academy?

Yes, if the course was attended within 5 years of the application date to the academy.

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

Yes, students set their own pace.  NTOA instructors will be monitoring your progress to ensure you are devoting the appropriate amount of time necessary to view and read all of the course material before taking your quizzes and moving on to the next section.  Although you set that pace, we highly encourage you to take your time so that you are prepared for the capstone research project phase.  It may take some students several months to complete a module, others may spend all year working on it.  It’s up to you.

When do we take the residency courses?

The NTOA will pre-schedule the residency courses at various locations throughout the country and will be offered annually at the tactical conference. Each offering will be presented in a back to back format, as outlined in the manual.

A person can attend the stand alone classes if they choose to and it will count toward academy credit as well.

What does the research project consist of?

Each module has its own research project and will consist of the following:

  • Concept paper based on subjects covered in the module the student is currently enrolled in
  • Resource List identifying sources of information used to support position or theory
  • Abstract outline or executive summary that captures the intent of the research and outcome
  • The final product should be of high enough quality that it can be published
    • It will be peer reviewed and the best submissions will be published in a manual. All papers will be available on the NTOA website.


If I use a previously attended NTOA Course for credit in the Academy, is there a cost reduction for the academy?

Yes, upon acceptance into the program, students will pay the discounted tuition for each module(s).  After verification of prior attendance of eligible classes within five years of the application date, a discounted rate will be applied for any eligible courses.

NTOA Course Previously Attended Tuition Credit
SWAT Team Leader Development $150 Credit
Training Management & Risk Mitigation for SWAT $150 Credit
Incident & Tactical Command Post Operations $150 Credit
SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I $150 Credit
Field Command $150 Credit
SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership II $150 Credit
Total Possible Credit $900 Total Credit
May I use my GI Bill funding to pay for the Academy?

There is a federal regulation, governing the use of VA funds, that requires that “non-degree certificate programs” be delivered only in a live attendance/lecture format. Since the NTOA Command College is a blended learning model of lecture and online work, it does not qualify under that requirement. Subsequently, GI Bill funds cannot be used for this program. (updated 7/31/2018)

How can tuition payment be made?

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Mastercard, Amex, check, or purchase order.

Are the required textbooks and reference materials included?

Yes. They will be shipped to you upon acceptance into the program and tuition payment.

How do I sign up?