NTOA Board of Director Elections

Nominations for 3-year term directors in each region are accepted each year from August 1 to September 1.

Nominations must be submitted with supporting documentation including:

  • One-page resume
  • Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s immediate superior
  • Letter from a current NTOA member
  • Photo of the candidate.

Email nomination documents as attachments to the Executive Director.

NOTE: In order to be eligible to vote in our elections, you must become an “individual” or “digital” member of NTOA or be the “Point of Contact” for a “team” membership.

Map of States by Region

Qualifications of Directors:

1. Be at least 21 years of age at the time of nomination.
2. Be an individual member in good standing of the Association for at least five consecutive years proceeding the year in which the nomination is received and reside within the geographical region of the United States which is represented by the position on the Board of Directors for which the nomination is made.
3. Have at least five years experience in law enforcement SWAT, Special Response or Tactical team/unit.
4. No Officer or Board member of a State Association/Organization will be allowed to serve concurrently as an NTOA Board Member due to conflict of interest issues. An individual elected to the NTOA Board of Directors shall resign as an officer or member of the Board of Directors of the State Association/Organization prior to the annual meeting in which the individual elected takes office as a member of the NTOA Board of Directors.

Duties of the Board of Directors:

1. Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively or individually by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, or by the Bylaws.
2. Appoint and remove, employ and discharge, and, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws, prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of all officers of the Association.
3. Supervise all officers, agents and employees of the Association to assure that their duties are performed properly.
4. Meet at such times and places as are required by the Bylaws.
5. Register their addresses with the Secretary of the Association, and notices of meetings mailed or emailed to them at such addresses shall be valid notices thereof.