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Each year, the NTOA is proud to accept nominations and honor worthy law enforcement officers and organizations with several prestigious awards.

The NTOA’s Negotiations Award is presented to the person(s) who significantly contributed to the crisis negotiations field by exemplifying in a real-life situation the skills and techniques needed to defuse a critical incident; by instructing nationally recognized negotiation concepts; or by advancing the negotiations/tactical team concept.

Recipients will receive a plaque, as well as a padfolio containing a certificate and formal letter detailing the actions supporting the award. The winner’s name and agency is published in The Tactical Edge.

The 2022 awards are for incidents occurring between June 1, 2022 and June 1, 2023. Nominations for the award submitted to the NTOA must comply with the following criteria:

  • Nominees must be active “individual” members of the NTOA.
  • Nominations must include the nominee’s name, organization and reasons for nomination.
  • The narrative must include accurate information on jurisdiction, agencies and the dates on which the officer performed the actions making him or her deserving of the award.

Nomination Instructions:
1.  Read the award criteria

3.  Complete the award nomination form
4.  Submit application

For more information, contact Laura Gerhart at 800-279-9127, ext. 128.

NTOA CNT Award Application

In 600 words or less, write a narrative describing why this person deserves this award.
Letters of recommendation, incident reports, etc. Multiple files may be uploaded.
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