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NTOA’s 2020 Awards Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel, the NTOA has made the decision to defer our 2020 annual awards program to our 2021 conference. All award submissions for this year will be retained and considered for our 2021 awards.

Each year, the NTOA is proud to accept nominations and honor worthy law enforcement officers and organizations with several prestigious awards.

Awards are formally presented to the recipients at the annual Law Enforcement Operations Conference and the annual Crisis Negotiations Conference. Recipients receive a plaque, as well as a padfolio containing a certificate and formal letter detailing the actions supporting the award. The winner’s name and agency is published in The Tactical Edge.

2020 Awards

Nominations for each award submitted to the NTOA must comply with the following criteria:

  • Nominees must be active “individual” members of the NTOA (with the exception of the Spirit of NTOA award).
  • Nominations must include the nominee’s name, organization and reasons for nomination.
  • The narrative must include accurate information on jurisdiction, agencies and the dates on which the officer performed the actions making him or her deserving of the award.

Nomination Instructions:
1.  Click on the award title for which you are nominating (see right)
2.  Read the award criteria
3.  Complete the award nomination form
4.  Submit application

The deadline to submit an award nomination is August 1, 2020. For more information, contact Laura Gerhart at 800-279-9127.

NTOA Awards

John Kolman Award of Excellence

Named for the NTOA’s founder, Capt. John Kolman (ret.), this award is presented each year to the person who contributes the most to further the goals of the tactical community. A selection committee bases its decision on an evaluation of his or her performance, dedication and leadership. The award recognizes the recipient for:

  • Unselfish dedication to the enhancement of the tactical unit capabilities.
  • Unstinting efforts to increase tactical officer safety through training and mutual exchange of information.
  • Epitomizing the highest standards of professionalism and honor in all aspects of law enforcement.
Award of Valor

This award is presented each year to the person or persons who distinguish themselves through valorous actions during a tactical operation. A selection committee reviews a situation in which the nominated individual clearly acted without regard for his or her own life to save a fellow officer or an innocent victim.

K9 SWAT Deployment Award

The NTOA is honored to introduce the K9 SWAT Deployment Award to our roster of prestigious honors. This award will be presented to the canine handler who successfully utilizes a police dog during a SWAT operation and whose actions demonstrate extraordinary courage and dedication to the protection of the fellow officers and the public.

Negotiations Award

NTOA is honored to introduce the Negotiations Award to our roster of prestigious honors. This award is presented to the person(s) who significantly contributed to the crisis negotiations field by exemplifying in a real-life situation the skills and techniques needed to defuse a critical incident; by instructing nationally recognized negotiation concepts; or by advancing the negotiations/tactical team concept.

The awards nomination application is closed, thank you for your interest.
TEMS Award

This award is presented each year to the person whose contributions result in the significant advancement of Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS). These contributions include but are not limited to research and academic endeavors, direct medical care and other clinical activities, and system advancement.

Unit Citation for Valor

This award is presented each year to a SWAT/tactical unit whose members distinguished themselves through valorous actions during a tactical operation. A selection committee reviews a situation in which members of the nominated unit clearly act without regard for the safety of their own lives in order to neutralize a suspect, thus protecting fellow officers and/or innocent victims and bystanders.

Spirit of NTOA Award

This award honors an individual, corporation or organization whose work epitomizes the ultimate vision of the NTOA – to save lives. Consideration is given to those who have a long-term commitment to promote officer safety, collegiality, sound tactics and professionalism.