NTOA Team/Incident Reviews and Assessments


NTOA subject matter experts conduct reviews and assessments for law enforcement agencies as outlined below. These reviews and assessments are intended to provide the requesting agency with an objective, third party evaluation of the subject tactical team or incident. Objectivity is critical to the credibility of the process. The completed report will identify strengths in performance, as well as areas of concern or in need of improvement. The ultimate goal of all such reviews and assessments is to enhance the tactical capability and professional standing of the subject agency.

All reviews are coordinated through NTOA’s Director of Training and Education. The review process begins with preliminary discussions to determine the needs and desires of the agency. A formal scope of work is then provided by the NTOA and all contractual obligations must be arranged prior to commencement of the review. Due to variables in travel costs, target deadlines and complexities with respect to the specific team or incident in question, each review is treated as unique and will be expensed accordingly.

Under normal circumstances, the requesting agency will receive the final report in PDF format, along with three printed and professionally bound copies. Staff briefings from the evaluators may be included as determined by the agency.

Full Team Review

The Full Team Review includes a complete assessment of the subject tactical team. Areas evaluated include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Tactics
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Training (Documentation, curriculum, instructors, and records.)
  • Equipment
  • Organization and Structure
  • Leadership
  • Selection and Retention
  • Inter- and Intra-agency Relationships
  • Firearms
  • Pre- and Post-Mission Documentation
  • Evaluation of Hostage / Crisis Negotiations Elements (CNT/HNT)

The Full Team Review involves an in-depth review of documentation followed by an on-site visit. During the on-site visit, interviews are conducted with various members of the organization and the evaluator(s) attend a team training session. In some instances, the tactical team will take part in scenarios provided by the evaluator(s). The NTOA Tactical Response and Operation Standards will be utilized as a benchmark in evaluation of the team and preparation of the final report.

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Partial Team Review

The Partial Team Review is similar to the Full Team Review, however only specific areas of focus are selected for evaluation. Example: Many agencies request that only their tactical policies and procedures be evaluated.

Partial team reviews may or may not involve an on-site visit as dictated by the parameters of the project.

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Critical Incident Review

 The Critical Incident Review is intended to provide the requesting agency with an objective evaluation of their performance during a single critical incident. It is designed to evaluate the decisions and actions of law enforcement personnel during a crisis situation. NTOA Critical Incident Reviews are not limited to incidents involving tactical teams. Example: An agency may elect to contract for a Critical Incident Review of an active shooter event involving patrol and investigative personnel.

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Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Team Assistance

The Multi-Jurisdictional Assistance Program is designed to assist those agencies and teams considering, or in the process of forming, a multi-jurisdictional team. The formation and support of these teams involves some intricacies and issues not seen with single agency teams. Staff will be assigned to assist with the needs of the team to include policy formulation, training assessments, IGA and MOU documentation, and much more. This assistance is also designed to provide either oral or written feedback on the state of the multi-jurisdictional team.

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Tactical Team Workshop

The Tactical Team Workshop is not a formal team review and does not result in the preparation of a formal analysis or comprehensive report.  Tactical Team Workshops employ one or more NTOA instructors on site, working directly with the tactical team in a training environment.  Workshops are either 3 days or 5 days.  The on-site instructor(s) will provide training, feedback, and oral evaluation.
Pricing is customized based on location, number of instructors and workshop length.
For further cost information please complete the request for proposal.

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