2017 Educational Scholarship Winners Announced!

We congratulate the accomplished students who were awarded our 2017 "James Torkar Educational Scholarship." Each winner demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and community service. This program benefits the children of members of the association and provides...

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NTOA Academy Enrollment Opens

We are pleased to announce that enrollment for the NTOA Academy Command College is now open. The NTOA Academy provides a dynamic learning experience using online, resident and experience-based tactical learning modules. It is a unique and innovative approach to...

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National SWAT Study Results Released

In 2013, the NTOA identified the need for an assessment of U.S. SWAT operations to provide a more accurate depiction of the exemplary work done by law enforcement agencies. The NTOA contracted the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to research...

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Announcing 2016 launch of the NTOA Academy

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is pleased to announce the formation of the NTOA Academy, created in partnership with the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS). The NTOA Academy, “An Investment in Innovation, Education and the Future,” is an...

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Please note that the NTOA is moving its headquarters to Colorado Springs, CO. from Feb 23 through March 7. There will likely be delays in responses to inquiries. Thank you for your patience.