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Cell Extraction Procedures
Mock Prison Riot, Moundsville, WV
April 27-29, 2017


A dynamic three-day course designed to address the needs of both the correctional administrator and cell extraction team member. This training will apply both intermediate and advanced tactics for the resolution of incidents in which inmates refuse to comply with lawful orders to exit their cells. Students will be introduced to the use-of-force associated with cell extraction, three-member compliance teams, individual team movement, chemical agent, less-lethal, and equipment overviews, as well as employing crisis intervention to gain inmate compliance before force is utilized. Briefing, debriefing, and completing proper cell extraction documentation will also be covered. Students will complete multiple force-on-force cell extractions and three-man compliance exercises.
0800-0815  Introduction and Course Overview, Objectives and Goals
0815-0830  Training Safety Brief
0830-1000  Justifications for the Use of Force
1000-1200  Three-member Compliance Teams
1200-1300  Lunch
1300-1630  Three-member Compliance Team (Practical Application)
1530-1700  Debrief the Team / Debrief Day One
0800-0815  Safety Brief
0815-0930  Authorized Cell Extractions, Routine and Modified
0930-1030  Staff Responsibilities for Cell Extractions
1030-1130  Team Member Duties
1130-1200  Cell Extraction Team Equipment
1200-1300  Lunch
1300-1400  Cell Extraction Staff Deployment Responsibilities
1400-1700  Cell Extraction Practical
0800-0815  Safety Brief
0815-0930  Cell Extraction Procedures
0930-1200  Cell Extraction Practical Application
1200-1300  Lunch
1300-1700  Three-member Compliance and Cell Extraction Practical Application