FIREHOUSE.COM – FREDERICK, MD  —  It was a unique environment for a select team of Frederick County medics. But, they adapted quickly. They donned tactical gear, switched ball caps for helmets and left the cardiac monitors and drug boxes behind.

The new tactical EMS team trained with the Frederick Police SWAT officers last week following an intense four-day course taught by National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) instructors.

More special response teams throughout the country are including medics, who can begin life-saving treatment to both officers and civilians, explained Mark Gibbons, who coordinated to NTOA training.

Gibbons, a retired Maryland State Police major, was one of the first medics on the state team. Now, he shares his knowledge and experience with crews across the country.

Medics learn early on that tactical decisions are not based on medical emergencies. That’s why they have to adapt fast in dangerous, ever-changing environments. READ MORE