NOVEMBER 2, 2018


Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Grand Resort and Spa


With a beautiful Southwestern backdrop, the NTOA’s 18th Annual Crisis Negotiations conference will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. The role of crisis negotiator is vital to the successful resolution of critical incidents. This conference will feature several thought-provoking seminars and timely incident debriefs that will provide meaningful and high quality training to enhance your tactics, leadership and professionalism.


CNT Conference Training

Seminar Training

This portion of the conference is lecture-based training, which may include some tabletop exercises and group discussions. Seminar-based courses are typically 2 or 4 hours, and may be offered multiple times throughout the week.

Incident Debriefs

Incident debriefs are lecture-based training, focusing primarily on lessons learned and current trends affecting our society and the LE community. You will hear firsthand from the officers involved in these situations and how they were handled.

Pricing Packages

Full Week

$299 Member

$319 Team Member

$349 Non-Member

One Day

$99 Member

$99 Team Member

$119 Non-Member

Please note that the NTOA is moving its headquarters to Colorado Springs, CO. from Feb 23 through March 7. There will likely be delays in responses to inquiries. Thank you for your patience.