NTOA presentations at NSA’s Winter Conference

Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Cost: $89 for full day of seminars

The Ramifications of Proposed Modifications to Use of Force Laws in America
The recent push among some influential individuals and organizations to modify law enforcement use of force standards has initiated much conversation and debate about the need and the ramifications of such changes. How would the changing of words in a statute affect the realities of force in a patrol or correctional setting? What challenges might arise for officers and deputies if legal standards are modified and what would the impact be on agencies? This and other current legal topics will be presented by two of the premier law enforcement / corrections defense attorneys in the Unites States.



Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Subjects: Legal Realities and Options
This course is designed to educate police personnel on the legalities and challenges faced when responding to suicidal subjects.  Unique perspectives are provided in order to provoke discussion within agencies to have a true understanding of the relevant Constitutional requirements.  Case law examples are provided as talking points to assist in guiding policy and response decision-making.



Lunch 1200-1300


MAGNNUS Pi2:  Turbocharging Star Performance Leadership
This workshop introduces “MAGNNUS Pi2” as a theoretical and practical counter VUCA imperative to maximize deputies and officers’ star performance leadership for enhanced resiliency and outcomes.  Building on Colonel Boyd’s OODA Loop and Reversal Theory, the workshop provides a set of comprehensive Situational, Cognitive and Emotional dominance tools to activate positive brain and deep emotional intelligence leading to Results with Confidence.  The speakers have over 90 years of combined experience teaching and implementing the imperatives offered in the course to all facets of law enforcement including corrections, patrol and special operations.  The course is highly recommended for personnel of all ranks.